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A Bit of Shameless Bragging…

Thursday, June 17th, 2010

Now if you’re already browsing our website and checking this blog, you know about Molly and probably don’t need any more reminding that she’s terrific. But if you can’t spend a little time self-promoting on your OWN website, then where CAN you self-promote? Besides, it hasn’t previously been stated that this blog is a one-woman operation run by Lucy Carson (that’s me), and I am not only Molly’s employee but also her second oldest daughter– I feel that a bit of bragging is perfectly acceptable. In addition, this piece from the current issue of Poets & Writers is about not only Molly, but also several other agents who have wisdom and insight to offer that could be helpful to any writer looking for insider information about this industry. So check it out! There are too many secrets and mysteries about the publishing world that I feel should be openly shared for everyone’s education, rather than kept under lock and key. Hopefully this piece will demystify the author/agent/editor relationship for those of you who seek a position in that triangle.