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Off the Chain…

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010


It was thirteen years ago when our author George Dawes Green, missing his hometown of St. Simons Island, Georgia, said to himself, “Hey, wait a minute, what happened to the good ol’ days of sitting around on Wanda’s porch telling stories and watching those pesky moths get caught in the light??” Succumbing to the power of nostalgia, George started (with a bunch of like-minded folks in his East Village apartment) what has since become the adored storytelling organization The Moth.  The New York Times calls The Moth “an example of the phenomenon of storytelling that is gaining momentum nationwide. In The Moth’s case, these narrative sessions are fast becoming an institution.” But hopefully this is old news. And in fact, it is! For George is at it again, and this time, he’s going on an “Unchained Tour” in a hand-painted school bus!

George’s newest plan might be insane or brilliant or perhaps a bit of both, but he has decided to do what he can to rescue the imperiled state of independent bookstores in Georgia.  Comprised of Moth storytellers (Dan Kennedy and Edgar Oliver to name a few), musicians, a circus clown or two (!), and an impressive volunteer squad, The Unchained gang intends to go from one bookstore to the next through the state of Georgia, to re-connect the community to its store by telling stories, performing pieces, and perhaps most importantly, really getting to know each other. It’s a bold, perhaps last-ditch effort to insist that independent bookstores MATTER, before it’s too late.

We couldn’t be more proud of George for pulling this ambitious and heroic project together, from start to finish. More importantly– whether you’re a writer, a journalist, an agent, an editor or just a book lover– this is good for ALL of us!

For more information on The Unchained Tour, visit the very informative and exciting website at And hey, if you live in Georgia, make sure to consult their calendar and treat yourself to an evening with the “gang!”

(This post brought to you by Molly Schulman.)