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Road Trip!

Friday, October 5th, 2012


Remember back in 2010, when we announced the wonderful George Dawes Green’s latest literary adventure, The Unchained Tour? We’re beyond proud to tell you that this has certainly proved to be The-Little-Bus-that-Could! In the past couple of years, The Unchained Tour has become one of the most beloved and celebrated storytelling programs in the United States, specifically down South wherein this brilliant idea took root. To remind: The Unchained Tour is an offshoot of the 2010 Peabody Award winning storytelling organization, The Moth, which George founded back in 1997. The Unchained Tour is an effort to take these stories on the road; it exists to remind cities that it’s their local bookstores, nights of storytelling, and support of all things local, that contribute to the true heart of their communities. Perhaps this is why the most recent Unchained Tour route was heart-shaped!!

This past September, the ‘72 Bluebird school bus embarked on its THIRD triumphant tour. This year’s troupe of amazing raconteurs included the world-renowned, prize-winning author of THE GRAVEYARD BOOK and CORALINE, Neil Gaiman, Savannah-born playwright and native favorite to The Moth, Edgar Oliver, and of course our very own George Dawes Green.

American journalist and former editor-in-chief of French Vogue, Joan Juliet Buck, was among the raconteurs for the tour back in 2011. She writes about this life-altering experience in her wonderfully vivid piece, “A Bus Called Wanda”, which just ran this past September in The New York Times. Thanks to Ms. Buck, the word about this terrific endeavor is now reaching beyond Southern state borders.

We could not dream of a more worthwhile pursuit and simply cannot WAIT until that beautiful blue bus comes a-sputtering down our city streets!

Check out The Unchained Tour’s heartfelt promotional video here!

(This Unchained Update brought to you by Molly Schulman)