Announcing: The Vivid Voices Contest!

The Friedrich Agency has decided to periodically call for submissions to a new kind of contest that we’re dubbing “Vivid Voices.” With a few months’ interval between each installment, Vivid Voices will focus on a specific genre of literature, and invite all participants to send the opening 3 paragraphs (OR the opening 500 words, whichever is more substantial) of their project for the chance to “win” a full length evaluation of the complete manuscript. Only submissions in the genre specified will be considered, and no manuscript currently on submission will be eligible.

For our inaugural contest, which begins TODAY and ends MONDAY JUNE 11th, our genre for submissions is Young Adult.

Here’s how to enter!

Send your opening 3 paragraphs (or 500 words) to vividvoicescontest (at) gmail dot com, along with your full name, the working title of your manuscript, and a confirmation that it is not currently represented or being read by other agents.

One winner will be selected by FRIDAY June 15th for the complete manuscript submission and evaluation, and one runner up will be selected to receive a free copy of one of our current frontlist hardcovers (we’ll give you the choice!).

Nota Bene: your submission will not be considered if you send more than the specified length, email us at a different address, or ignore the guidelines above.

We welcome your Vivid Voices!

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