Hit The Write Note: NaNoWriMoCo


Wait, what is this “Co”? Are we incorporating the month of November? Perhaps it makes more sense this way: NaNoWriMoCo(ntest). Join us!

We didn’t just add a syllable…we’ve added an extra incentive!

The Friedrich Agency is excited to announce our very own NaNoWriMoCo(ntest), an off-shoot of our Vivid Voices Contest series, which launched its first installment last June. We love NaNoWriMo’s seat-of-your-pants enthusiasm and want to offer every courageous writer even more motivation to get to 50,000 words.

Once you’ve “won” NaNoWriMo (i.e. achieved your goal), send your opening 3 paragraphs or 500 words to vividvoicescontest (at) gmail (dot) com, along with your full name, the working title of your manuscript, and a confirmation that it is not currently represented or being read by other agents.

The deadline to submit is Monday, December 3rd and this contest is open to any FICTION genre, as long as the author is a NaNoWriMo winner. We love non-fiction too, but for the purposes of this contest, we’re sticking by NaNoWriMo’s definition of a “novel as a lengthy work of fiction.”

On Friday, December 7th we will announce one first prize winner of the complete manuscript evaluation as well as one runner-up to receive a free copy of a current frontlist hardcover (of your choice!). Oh, and we also often request manuscripts that didn’t win, but DID intrigue! **Edit: The winner may submit his or her manuscript for the prize of full evaluation once it’s complete, whenever that may be.**

Now, get off the internet and go write! The clock is ticking, and we can’t wait to see what December 3rd shall bring of your heroic efforts! Happy writing.

*****Final Contest Update******

Congratulations to First Prize Winner Ashley Laster, with an astounding excerpt of her novel SHADES AND SHADOWS!!!

And another heart-felt congratulations to Runner-Up
Mary Rath for PRINCE OF DUSK!

We could not have been more impressed by the range and polish of these excerpts, written in just one month. It’s truly incredible what can happen when talented writers sit down with a goal! Thank you to all who entered and keep an eye out for the next installment of the Vivid Voices Contest.

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