Make Us A Proposal We Can’t Refuse…

*****Final Contest Update*****

Congratulations to First Prize Winner Melissa Burch! Though “mini” in length, her proposal had volumes of depth and intrigue.

Sincere congrats to Second Prize: Kase Johnstun and Third: James Stolen!

Given the range of both sub-genres and subject matter, this installment was especially difficult to judge. Non-fiction is deeply personal, so we thank all who entered. Best of luck in developing your mini proposals into the full versions you’ll eventually send out into the world.

When it’s warm again, check back here for the next installment of the Vivid Voices Contest.


As many of you know, The Friedrich Agency hosts a bi-annual contest series called Vivid Voices, which focuses on a different genre for each installment. With NaNoWriMo well underway, all you Non-Fiction writers must feel left out! We’re excited to announce the first ever call for non-fiction proposals.

For each fiction contest, we ask for the first 500 words of the novel and a brief synopsis placing it in larger context. BUT now that we are shifting focus for this round, the guidelines must shift accordingly. We ask all contest participants to submit a “micro-proposal” (our term!) that answers the following 5 questions, keeping each answer to one paragraph (and manageable paragraphs please, not giant lumps under the guise of paragraphs!).


1.) Describe the concept of your book–covering central topic, argument, or narrative where applicable.

2.) Present the marketing analysis for such a book– competitive titles, and a persuasive discussion of the hunger for your particular angle.

3.) Tell us why you, specifically, are uniquely qualified or necessary to the project.

4.) Elaborate on any relevant experience you have, promotional connections, or previous writing credits.

5.) Please share the first paragraph of actual writing as a sample of your style to be expected in the book itself.

Submissions are due on Monday, December 2nd, 2013, and should be sent via email to no later than 5pm EST. Winners will be announced Friday, December 6th. One first prize winner will receive a detailed critique of their entire complete proposal. Second prize will have a choice of any two hardcover or paperback books from our list, and third prize will be offered a thorough critique of their official query letter.

Whether or not your concept and presentation resonates with us, we believe that this exercise of boiling your project down to its essential components WILL be useful to you as you plow ahead with these ambitious projects! November is yours, too Truth Tellers! Good luck to all.

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  1. Nick Goroff says:

    Cheers to you for this. It’s funny, it feels like it takes more gall to submit the work than it did to write it. Suppose that’s the way of things though.

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