MARCHing into Spring! Three Incredible Reads…


Hi folks! I know it’s been a while since my last post, but what better occasion than Spring for a proper update on what’s happening over at TFA? We have three fantastic, very different novels that are hot off the press, and I’d love to take this chance to introduce them to you.

Debut novelist Alison Espach brings us THE ADULTS, a fresh and hip coming-of-age that one book scout very cleverly referred to as “more of a growing-up-too-soon” novel. We were blessed with a killer New York Times review that among other words of praise, compared Espach to Woody Allen himself. Equal parts hilarious and poignant– we love this book!

With a narrator who instantly wins your heart and a completely unique plotline (we won’t divulge any spoilers!), CLEANING NABOKOV’S HOUSE follows the unusual journey of a newly single woman who realized she happens to have moved into the house where Nabokov lived during his years of teaching in upstate NY. This is Leslie Daniels’ hysterical debut, but she’s no stranger to great writing– Leslie herself used to be a literary agent! Check out her author site for a comprehensive collection of reviews and other news.

Last but NEVER least, WITCHES ON THE ROAD TONIGHT is the latest novel from the immensely talented Sheri Holman. What do you get when you combine interweaving historical narratives, exquisite prose, and a touch of the paranormal? This one-of-a-kind novel defies all genres and labels. You simply experience it to understand! And bring a pen, because you’ll be underlining many shatteringly articulate sentences. Many reviews still to come, but for now, this is the place to learn more…

Happy reading! ‘Tis the season to lose track of time and space in great fiction!

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