Submission Guidelines

The Friedrich Agency has two principal agents: Molly Friedrich and Lucy Carson. If you decide to submit your query to us, please query only one of our agents.

We accept queries both by email and snail mail, whichever format is most comfortable for the author. Please refrain from sending unsolicited manuscripts. We are a small but busy office and unless we read your letter and request to see more, piles of unsolicited manuscripts will make us nuts! A standard query letter, articulate and informative, is preferred. Here are a few quick notes:

  • We no longer accept queries (or printed books) in hard copy, email only. Please use the body of the message to present your work (no attachments), and please do not attach your manuscript unless we request it. We don't open attachments without knowing the sender, or expecting something in particular

  • Please do not show up at our offices unannounced. That scares us! It simply does not advance your cause.

  • Background and personal information (when relevant to your project) is encouraged, but ultimately our interest will depend on the synopsis.

  • The overwhelming preponderance of our list is “fiction and non-fiction for the adult trade audience”. Are there exceptions? Of course! But we do not EVER represent screenwriters or picture book authors.

Don’t panic! Do the best you can, and we’ll do the best we can.

To Query by Mail:

The Friedrich Agency
19 West 21st Street, Suite 201
New York, NY 10010

To Query by Email:

Molly -
Lucy -

For film inquiries, please contact

For all other subsidiary rights inquiries, including Foreign, Audio, Serial, and Electronic, please contact

For General Inquiries please contact